Welcome, Readers!

The world is an absurd place, a beautiful place, a wonderful place. My columns, which were printed in weekly papers throughout Central Jersey for 15 years, have no single theme. The topics can be funny, stimulating, nostalgic, or dramatic, depending on my mood.

Welcome to “Minxland,” the little world I call my own.

If I’ve made you laugh, think, or cry, I’ve done my job. If you like my blog, please tell your friends.

An explanation: I wrote this in October 2012. It has taken me five years to get back to it. Instead of posting all of my columns, I will be expressing blog thoughts and interspersing them with columns. Because I live in a chaotic world, these posts have no rhyme or reason, they are in no particular order. But that’s how life is sometimes — things happen in no particular order.

Minx McCloud

New Jersey 2017


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